The Appearance of Korean Peninsula

The Appearance of Korean Peninsula 


South Korea

Over 70% of the land is mountainous with the eastern regions consisting of mainly rugged mountain ranges and deep valleys. Many people enjoy hiking in the foothills and mountains. Most of the larger rivers and forests are located in the west. The coastline is dotted with bays and it has some of the highest tides in the world. The eastern coastline has many sandy beaches, while the western side consists mainly of mud flats and rocky shores.

South Korea
Location: between 131°52'42"E (East) and 124°11'00"E (West), 43°00'39"N (North) 
and 33°06'40"N (South) Area: 222,154 km² (South Korea: 99,392 km²)

The country extends south from the northeastern end of Asia and consists of the 
Korean Peninsula and over 3,400 islands. It is bordered in the north by Russia and
China and by Japan across the East Sea. Since 1945, the country has been divided 
into the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of 
Korea (North Korea). South Korea is divided into 9 provinces and 3 special cities.

Population: over 46.9 million (1999 est.)
Koreans descended from the Mongolian race in prehistoric times. Periods of 
occupation have also added Chinese and Japanese blood to the gene pool. 
Although they have borrowed from other cultures, especially Chinese and Japanese, 
Koreans have maintained their own distinctive language, culture, and customs. 
It is a family orientated society, heavily based on Confucianism, which even in 
modern times retains the basic patterns and manners of family-centered life.

History of Korea

Korea claims a 5,000+ year history, dating from the country's foundation by 
Tan-gun. Its history is full of foreign invaders and various factions vying for power. 
Korean history is broken down into the following periods:

Three Kingdoms (57 B.C. - A.D. 668)
Silla (668 - 935)
Goryeo (918 - 1392)
Joseon (1392 - 1910)
Japanese Occupation (1910 - 1945)
Republic of Korea (1945 - present)

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